With your Google Tag Manager (GTM) Course, do you provide help with the intermediate topics & troubleshooting?

The entire GTM Course is taught at a beginner to intermediate level. 

There are 3 ways we help our students with questions and troubleshooting:

1. Students can leave their questions as a comment at the bottom of each lesson page.

2. Students can post their questions and get support in our private Data Driven FB Group. We have a growing community of experienced Data Driven Marketers that you have access to.

3. The GTM Course includes live support calls for which attendants can ask questions live, and if they cannot attend, they can submit their questions in advance.

All GTM Course students will get access to the recorded support call videos, which they can watch as often as they want to.

Learn more about the sylabus of the GTM Course at https://support.datadrivenu.com/article/196-where-can-i-see-all-the-lessons-that-are-included-in-google-tag-manager-gtm-course

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