To use Google Tag Manager (GTM), do I need to be tech-savvy and have a certain level of coding knowledge? And what are the risks of breaking my website?

Many of our GTM students that don't consider themselves code-savvy or technical marketers have successfully learned and implemented GTM.

Although GTM is not very intuitive, the benefit is that you can add tracking tags to your website without any real technical capabilities.

For example, if you want to add an Ads Conversion tracking pixel to your site, you just adjust the settings in a GTM tag template and input your conversion tracking ID. Then, after you test to make sure your tag works, you're done. This takes about 5 minutes or so once you know your way around the GTM interface.

You can also do this for Google Analytics (GA) tags, no real coding knowledge required.

One of the other benefits of GTM is that it won't break your website. All the tracking code that the tag templates use is vendor approved. And GTM embeds your tracking code on your site in a way that won't slow down or damage your site.

The biggest risks in GTM are that you don't configure your tag correctly, in which case it just won't work, or you duplicate tracking code you already have on your site. Duplicate tracking code will inflate the data in your analytics reports.

In our Tag Manager Mastery Course, we teach you how to mitigate these risks, so that you don't have these problems.

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