As a complete beginner and an aspiring freelance consultant, can I take the Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio Courses without prior knowledge of Google Analytics and Google Ads?

The short answer is Yes (kind of) - The courses are designed to explain in plain English how these platforms work and how to get the most value out of them. But you might be a little overwhelmed at first without a decent understanding of Google Analytics (GA). 

If you're looking to provide freelance services for tagging/tracking and reporting we recommend you prioritize learning Google Analytics.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) makes using GA about 20X easier, but if you don't understand the basics of GA you might have to bridge your knowledge gap a bit before you can implement the techniques you learn in our GTM Course.

With regard to Google Data Studio, this platform will be very hard to use without knowing your way around the Google Analytics reports. Data Studio relies on pulling information from the GA API to create reports. So if you don't have a good feel for what's available in GA, you'll be pretty lost in Data Studio.

We would love to have you in GTM and Data Studio Mastery as well, but If you have zero background in Google Analytics we don't want you to feel over your head.

We've received feedback from our beginner students that our courses have helped them quickly develop their intermediate and advanced skills. Here's the order we would ideally recommend for anyone who's just getting started with analytics and pay per click (PPC).

1. Beginner module of our Google Analytics Mastery course
2. Intermediate module of Google Analytics Mastery course
3. Tag Manager Mastery course
4. Finish Google Analytics Mastery course
5. Data Studio Mastery to learn how to create valuable and visually appealing reports in Google Data Studio
6. Google Analytics 2021 is our newest course that focuses on transitioning over into GA4. This course will be developed throughout 2021, as GA4 is rolled out.

Learn more and enroll in any of the above-mentioned courses by clicking the links above or visiting our Data Driven Programs page.

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