What is the course sylabus for the Google Ads Mastery Course?

Here's the course syllabus/video list for this course:

Introduction to Google Ads Certification

• Introducing PPC Course and Jeff Sauer
• The Game of Paid Search
• The 10 Commandments of PPC Management

Navigating Google Ads

• Creating a New Google Ads Account
• Navigating Your Google Ads Account
• Navigating Keywords, Ads and More
• Navigating Billing, Payments, and Account Settings
• Google Ads Account Administration

How Google Ads Works

• Account and Campaign Structure
• Ad Groups, Keywords, and Ads
• Keyword Selection and Google Keyword Planner
• Keyword Research Tools
• Keyword Selection
• Keyword Research - Putting it all together
• Keyword Match Types
• Ad Guidelines and Ad Copy Testing
• The Ad Auction
• Quality Scores
• Ad Extensions
• Location and Language Targeting
• Billing Options
• Mobile and Device Targeting
• Seeing Your Ads on Google

Earning a Positive Return on Investment

• PPC Strategies
• PPC Metrics
• Tools of the Trade
• Competitive Research Tools
• Top PPC Tools
• Google Client Manager Accounts
• Conversion Tracking
• Earning a Positive ROI
• Bid Optimization
• Bid Strategies in Google Ads
• Account Performance Optimization
• Google Ads Budget Calculator
• Quick Google Ads Account Audit

The Business of PPC

• How to Get Compensated for Your Work?
• Paid Search as a Career Choice
• Working with/at a PPC Management Agency
• Having a Representative with Google
• PPC Contracts
• An Insider’s Guide to Becoming a PPC Specialist

Google Ads Certification Exams

• Becoming Google Ads Certified

Additional Google Ads Campaign Formats

• Google Display Network
• Google Shopping Campaigns

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