Which course should I purchase first? Google Analytics Mastery or Tag Manager Mastery?

If you don't have any experience in Google Analytics yet, we recommend starting with Google Analytics Mastery. If you're at an intermediate level or higher in Google Analytics, then Tag Manager Mastery will really help you amplify your analytics skills. Here's the order we recommend you follow for these courses:

1. Beginner module of our Google Analytics Mastery course
2. Intermediate module of Google Analytics Mastery course
3. Tag Manager Mastery course
4. Finish Google Analytics Mastery course
5. Data Studio Mastery to learn how to create valuable and visually appealing reports in Google Data Studio
6. Google Analytics 2021 is our newest course that focuses on transitioning over into GA4. This course will be developed throughout 2021, as GA4 is rolled out.

Learn more and enroll in any of the above-mentioned courses by clicking the links above or visiting our Data Driven Programs page.

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