How does GA4 Toolbox Pro differ from the GA4 Toolbox Essentials?

GA4 Toolbox Essentials includes 40+ clearly written step-by-step process checklists that are easy to follow that eliminate trial and error in setting up your GA4 accounts. These resources cover the following:

  1. How to start fresh with GA4
  2. GA4 installation and navigation
  3. How to customize your GA4 interface
  4. How to develop GA4 skills for marketing
  5. Understanding events
  6. Understanding exploration reports
  7. Ads, conversions, and e-commerce
  8. Data quality

The GA4 Toolbox Pro also includes step-by-step process checklists covering:

  1. Measurement strategy
  2. Platform research sheets
  3. Migration, Integration, Reporting SOPs (30+ total)
  4. 9 additional reporting dashboards

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