What is the course syllabus for the Google Analytics 4 Mastery course?

Here's the course syllabus/video list for this course:

What is Google Analytics 4

  • History of Google Analytics
  • The Difference Between GA4 and Previous Versions
  • What You Must Understand about GA4
  • Google Analytics 2021 Section 1 Quiz

Collecting Data in GA4

  • Creating a GA4 Account and Property
  • How the Code Works and What the Code Does
  • Comparing GA4 Setup and Settings to Universal Analytics
  • Accessing the GA4 Demo Account
  • Google Analytics 2021 Section 2 Quiz

The GA4 Data Model and Settings

  • Where is that Report I’m Used to Seeing? Events vs. Hits
  • What Events Can do for You (and What They Can’t)
  • Administrator Settings in GA4
  • Navigating the GA4 Reports Interface
  • Google Analytics 2021 Section 3 Quiz

GA4 Integrations and Extensions

  • Events, Custom Events, and Conversions
  • Integrating Google Ads with GA4
  • Big Query Integration
  • E-Commerce/Monetization Reports Overview

Getting the Most Out of Your GA4 Account

  • Setting Up User Properties for Analysis
  • Cleaning up Your Data
  • Measuring and Reporting Conversions
  • Unlocking the Full Power of Ecommerce Reporting
  • More Fun with ECommerce
  • Google Analytics 2021 Section 5 Quiz

The Business of GA4

  • Business Opportunity: Upgrade Your Clients to GA4
  • Google Analytics 2021 Section 6 Quiz

  • Learn more and enroll in the Google Analytics 2021 course.
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