What is the difference between Google Analytics 4 Mastery and Google Analytics Mastery?

Our Google Analytics (GA) Mastery course is not just about clicking buttons in the GA interface. It's an end-to-end program that also covers the strategy and techniques behind using web analytics to measure your marketing. 

The GA Mastery course will be useful for you as long as Google Supports "Universal" Google Analytics, which should be through at least the end of 2022. 

It's still the course we recommend everyone takes to learn GA and pass your certification. So you can continue to use the course as long as Google supports Universal Analytics.

Google Analytics 4 is a brand new update that's rolling out slowly, so nothing in our GA Mastery course is out of date. 

Google Analytics 4 Mastery is a new program that focuses on a brand new Google Analytics product called GA4, which is different/not compatible with the previous version of GA Universal. This course has been built from the ground up to focus on the new platform as it is developed (which will happen throughout 2021).

Learn more and get access to Google Analytics 4 Mastery. If you are interested in getting access to both Google Analytics Mastery and Google Analytics 2021, then consider joining our Data Driven Inisders membership, which gives you access to a bundle of courses including both our Google Analytics courses. 

Here is a list of what's all included in Data Driven Gold Insiders.

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