How to change payment method?

When you log into My Data Driven and look at the "My subscriptions" tab, do you see the following as described?

Subscription Management

Subscriptions display a set of action buttons below each subscription’s details on the My Account > View Subscription page. A subscriber can use these buttons to:

  • Cancel or Suspend an active subscription
  • Reactivate a suspended subscription
  • Resubscribe an expired or canceled subscription
  • Pay for a renewal order when the automatic recurring payment failed or the subscription uses manual renewals
  • Change the Payment Method used for automatic recurring payments
  • Change Address for subscriptions which require shipping

34f2b15671ea5e59005c36be74093251.pngYou should be able to change your payment on that page. Here's the direct link for when you're logged in: and then click on the My Subscription tab.

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