What is the course syllabus for FB Ads Mastery?

Here's the course syllabus/video list for this course:

Facebook Ads Bootcamp

  • Hail Mary Advertising
  • Campaign Goals Calculator
  • Facebook Ads Budget Calculator
  • Ads Profit Maximizer
  • FU Funnels
  • You Should Test That
  • Right Song, Wrong Decade
  • Sample Play - Ice Ice Baby
  • The All-Knowing Zuckerithm
  • FB Ads Mastery Section 1 Quiz

Navigating Facebook Ads

  • Creating a New Facebook Ads Account
  • Understanding Your Facebook Ads Account Structure
  • Creating Sample Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads
  • Audience Targeting Settings
  • Navigating Billing, Payments, and Account Settings
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • FB Ads Mastery Section 2 Quiz

How Facebook Ads Works

  • Account Access and Structure
  • Structuring Your Campaigns
  • Ad Sets and Ad Placements
  • Creating Your Ads
  • Determining Audience Size
  • Building Audiences
  • The Facebook Pixel
  • Tracking Events and Conversions
  • Ad Policies
  • Ad Guidelines
  • Budgeting and Scheduling
  • Base Metrics for Understanding Results
  • Locating What You Need in the Facebook Ads Interface
  • The Facebook Ad Auction
  • FB Ads Mastery Section 3 Quiz

Finding The Right Audience

  • Introduction: Interrupt vs Intent Advertising
  • Audience Research
  • Six Audiences Everyone Should Build
  • Building Custom Audiences
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Detailed Targeting and Audience Testing
  • Data Organization and Naming Conventions
  • Audience Insights and Overlap
  • FB Ads Mastery Section 4 Quiz

Getting Your Data Right

  • Introduction: Giving Facebook Ads the Data it Needs
  • Integrating Facebook Ads Pixel Events with Your Website
  • Pixel Events Implementation via Google Tag Manager
  • Integrating Google Analytics and FB Ads
  • Running Reports within Facebook Ads
  • Reporting Facebook Ads Performance in Google Data Studio
  • Bonus: Consolidated PPC Report for Facebook, Google, and Bing Ads
  • FB Ads Mastery Section 5 Quiz

Earning a Positive Return on Investment

  • Bidding Strategies
  • Campaign Objectives and Advertising Strategies
  • Measuring Attribution from Facebook Ads
  • Ad Testing and Monitoring
  • Developing Your Ad Creative
  • Ad Relevance, Quality, and Diagnostics
  • Keeping Your Ads Clean
  • Account Performance Optimization Process
  • FB Ads Mastery Section 6 Quiz

Data Driven FB Ads - Earn Your Certificate

  • Take the Final Quiz

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