Tracking Self-Hosted Videos & Linkedin Posts using GTM

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1. We are not hosting our videos in Youtube but rather directly uploading them to our webpage (from our drive) - is there a way that we can track them using the same variables as Video Status, Duration, and Title? 

2.If so, how can I set up a trigger on this?

3. If not, is it possible to track it if we host our video in some other hosting platform except Youtube? Most of the tutorials I have searched only talk only about embedded Youtube videos, some with Vimeo.
4. Can we put tracking code into our LinkedIn posts using GTM to track for remarketing purposes?

1) The reason why you see YouTube talked about is that it's a "native" GTM trigger and works great for that reason. There are other triggers for Vimeo and Wistia, but they require some code and configuration. If you're on WordPress, the GTM4WP plugin can help you track Vimeo fairly painlessly. Otherwise, you can search for "GTM and [Video platform]" to see if anyone has coded a trigger.

The difference between a native tag template like YT and code someone else provides (which is necessary for other embeds) is that you don't know if it will work and it requires maintenance. For this reason, I definitely recommend YT embeds whenever possible. Vimeo is my second choice.

2) You can't put GTM inside LInkedIn, because they won't let you execute code. The easiest way to track for remarketing is to put UTM variables on the link when they go to your site, and then you can build a remarketing list based on who visited that page and/or based on a segment in Google Analytics based on that source/medium from your UTMs.

In general, you can only track with GTM/GA on sites that let you execute code, so it rules out most platforms that are not your own. In these cases, UTMs are the bridge between that platform and your site.

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