​​How do I know which Data Driven Business Program is right for me?

Agency Jumpstart is the best starting point for freelancers or small agencies that are working to make their business more efficient. This program will provide you with a real-world financial roadmap to grow your business, as well as help you mold your business around your strengths and existing assets. It will also show you how to build processes into your business that scale your work product. We’ll cover some of the best lead generation and sales strategies for service providers.

Sales Jumpstart is ideal for any service provider that needs to improve its lead generation and sales process. This program will provide you with more in-depth strategies for generating business and closing deals. You’ll get pitch decks, frameworks, and roadmaps for qualifying leads, and simplifying your sales process, while speaking to your client needs without being “salesy”.

Linked Jumpstart is perfect for business owners and B2B sales professionals who want to use LinkedIn as one of their primary channels for lead generation. Inside this program, LinkedIn Expert Isaac Anderson will give his ready-made LinkedIn lead generation Journey Map, along with his strategies, techniques, and scripts and other “done-for-you” resources you can use to bring in a steady stream of new clients using LinkedIn.

Project Apollo is for established businesses (earning $4K to $40K per month) who want to put the building blocks in place that will set their business up to achieve the ultimate goals. Over six months, December through May 2020, we’ll work together to put a lead generation machine that will gain compounding traction, put you on the map as an expert in your industry, and generate new clients for years to come.

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