$1,000/month to join Project Apollo is a big investment for my business. How do I know this opportunity is right for me?

Every service business has to make investments in lead generation to grow their revenue and profits.

Many small to medium-sized agency owners invest in sales systems, marketing automation training, or paid media programs as ways to spark growth. But without the building blocks of a complete program (like the Project Apollo Accelerator Program), these tactics typically produce a short term revenue spike at best. More often than not, without a targeted plan, bonafide offer, and proven lead qualification process, these tactical moves become money pits and time wasters.

The Project Apollo Accelerator Program is hands-on and action-focused. It's not a one-trick pony or a passive education system.

It is a significant time and money investment.

I (Jeff Sauer) have proven out the methodology and structure of Project Apollo to the tune of $70 million in Agency services sold.

If you join the Project Apollo program, we expect your outcomes to be ROI neutral in the short run and highly positive over the long term.

Although we can't guarantee your results, we have designed this program, and the mission objectives you'll complete, to help you achieve significant long-run revenue opportunities that outpace your current growth targets.

Learn more and enroll in our Data Driven Business Courses — Agency Jumpstart, Sales Jumpstart, Linked Jumpstart, and Project Apollo.

If you have any further questions, send us a support ticket and we'll be happy to help.

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