Our Google Tag Manager (GTM) tag is firing successfully but Google Analytics (GA) is not receiving any data. How can we fix this?

I recommend installing the GA Debugger Chrome extension to monitor as well as Google Tag Assistant recordings. Just because the tag fires in GTM doesn’t mean the hit is successfully sent to GA. The GA Debugger extension will tell you if the hit is actually dispatched from the page to GA.

Here's Jeff's troubleshooting process:

1) Preview container and check what tags are firing. Make sure GA tag fires on the homepage and all other pages while in preview mode.

2) Go into the GA real-time report and make sure you see your visit in real time (obscure pages are easier to see immediately).

If you don't see the tag firing in #1 above, it's likely a problem with your trigger not being set to all pages (or container not installed).

If it's #2 above, then you may be sending data into the wrong GA account or have filters blocking yourself (try looking at unfiltered view to verify).

And, make sure you publish the container after you confirm it works in preview mode.

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