Do you have any advice or resources on how I can get PPC clients?

Here are a few ideas:

Search Google for any possible product/service that you think could be advertised.

Start with the stuff that you like and have a passion for - an example could be musical instruments.

The chances are that, pretty fast, you'll run into dozens of poorly executed Google Ads campaigns.

From local plumbers to dog food to dentists - you will have a database of people that have a budget and already know that they need to be using Google Ads, which means you don't need to sell them Google Ads or online advertising as a concept.

Providing a free account audit is a great offer to get your foot in the door. It's an easy way to establish a relationship and subject matter expertise. It's also a great learning opportunity as you will get insight into how stuff works out in the wild.

One thing to be aware of is that many underperforming Google Ads campaigns are executed by non-pros: business owners themselves or their "computer-savvy" friends/relatives. So take it easy when providing critical feedback :)

In addition to the above, I also talk quite a bit about how I generated leads for my site in some of our premium courses aimed at entrepreneurs. It’s full of the things I tried to generate customers, along with what worked/what did not work.

As I've said, there are a lot of people who are advertising ineffectively. Helping them out for free could position you to do well for them.

My first AdWords client was the founder of Window World Twin Cities (who has become somewhat of a local "celebrity" in the most infamous of ways). I started as his web designer, but I wasn't passionate about doing web design forever, so I was looking for a way out. I saw that I could become Google AdWords certified with just managing $1,000 in ad spend, and get my company certified at $100k in ad spend (the requirement in 2005).

So I just told the owner that I would manage his AdWords account for free and improve his results. It didn't take long to show him 10x the ROI of his previous program managed by the yellow pages.

Next, I parlayed those results into the next opportunity, with Renaissance Exteriors and actually got paid $2k/month. They bragged to their friends, and several $2k/month clients later I was making more money than I ever dreamed.

From working for free to 6-figures, it took about 2-3 years. To get started, I recommend that you get some results that you/your client can brag about, and the clients will come over time as your portfolio expands. Don't worry about money right away. Focus on the long term. The money will come as a result of doing good work.

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