What is the purpose of Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a stand-alone Google product that works in conjunction with Google Analytics, but GTM will not simplify the process of using Google Analytics.

Google Tag Manager is a system for placing tracking code (tags) on your website. Using Tag Manager is typically a more efficient and cost-effective way to add tracking code to your site than manually editing your website code. Tag Manager can also help you reduce the risk associated with tracking scripts damaging your website.

Additionally, if you want to implement advanced tracking in Google Analytics, Tag Manager's pre-built tag templates can make this process much simpler and quicker.

To learn more about how GTM can benefit your marketing and website tracking check out our Google Tag Manager Tutorial.

Google Data Studio is a free visual reporting tool that allows gathering data from multiple marketing platforms, like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, etc., and present your data in one consolidated report.

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