I need CEO approval for joining Project Apollo. Can you help me build a better case?

Let me help you create a case for your business to make the investment. 

Let's start with the outcome of Project Apollo. The goal is to build a business development process that can help you bring in 1-2 clients per month once you have everything in place. This is something you can count on, reliably, for years to come - assuming you keep on driving demand using the methods we teach. You can keep on receiving value from your investment in Project Apollo for years to come.

Here's how we help you get there.

Most businesses receive leads inconsistently (lots of leads one month, no leads another). This is because it's dependent on referrals, word of mouth, or proactive effort from business owners. When these things work, it can be great. But when you get busy with client work and other initiatives, the well of leads dry up over time.

With paid media and targeted outreach added into the mix, it's reasonable to receive 20+ leads a month from your efforts. Realistically, you only want to close around 10-20% of these leads into customers (the majority will be unqualified) and let's say your average revenue per deal over the next 12 months is $10,000 per client.

That means these methods are designed to bring in an additional $10-$20k in revenue per month when the program reaches maturity (after Project Apollo is complete and everything is in place). This represents an additional $120k to $240k a year in revenue opportunity, which is a potentially conservative estimate if you are equipped to handle more new leads and land more clients.

The cost to join Project Apollo is $1,000 a month over 6 months or $5,000 upfront for the whole program. The price of the program is designed to be a “no brainer” if you can land just 1-2 new clients using the techniques you learn in the program.

We believe you will receive a positive return on investment during the time you work on Project Apollo and everything after that is pure upside. 

Submit your application to join Project Apollo.

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