In Google Ads, how do I compete against big companies with unlimited budgets?

There's no doubt that going up against big companies with unlimited budgets, like Airbnb can be both frustrating and overwhelming. I think you'll find the key to succeeding with PPC against huge competitors is to exploit opportunities they overlook or don't consider significant enough to go after.

Like any customer acquisition strategy, it takes some research, testing, and fine tuning to find these untapped opportunities.

In our Google Ads Certification Course, Jeff teaches deep keyword research techniques, how to use match types to gain control over your advertising, and how to create ads and landing pages that tightly match your keywords. All of these techniques will help you optimize your budget and reduce your ad cost. These tactics will also help you produce the data you need to find your best advertising opportunities.

Also, our Data Driven team, including Jeff, is here to help and support all our members. So, if you join the course and want to discuss your PPC strategy further, feel free to send us your questions in our private Facebook group.

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