What is the course sylabus for the Google Data Studio Course?

Here's the course syllabus/video list for this course:

SECTION 1: Why Google Data Studio

  • Why Use Google Data Studio
  • Making Good Looking Reports, Easier
  • What you can Build in Google Data Studio

SECTION 2: Reporting Strategy

  • Strategy First
  • Great Reports Don’t Just Happen!
  • Reporting Checklist
  • Reporting Flowchart

SECTION 3: Getting Comfortable Inside Google Data Studio

  • Accessing Google Data Studio and Creating a New Account
  • What do you do Inside Google Data Studio?
  • Getting Started with Reports and Template Options
  • Looking at Data Inside Google Data Studio

SECTION 4: What are Data Sources?

  • What are Data Sources?
  • Overview of Sample Data Sources Provided by Google
  • How to Use GDS with Google Analytics
  • Understanding the Google Analytics API
  • Using Data Studio with Google Sheets

SECTION 5: Reporting Design Matters

  • Designing and Styling Your Report
  • Interactive Reports - Good or Bad Idea
  • Making Interactive Reports

SECTION 6: Connecting to Data Sources

  • Google Search Console
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Google Ads Reporting API
  • Third Party Connectors like Supermetrics
  • Facebook Ads Connector
  • Using Zapier and Google Sheets for Automating Everything Else

SECTION 7: Creating Reporting Targets

  • Targets Using Calculated Metrics
  • Calculated Metrics
  • Data Blending

SECTION 8: Putting It All Together

  • Resources and Strategy Refresh
  • Dissecting our Completed Dashboard
  • Putting Everything Together to Deliver a Complete Analysis

SECTION 9: Ready-Made Data Studio Dashboards

  • DFY Template - All Marketing KPIs Using the ACES Framework

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