What is the course syllabus for the Universal Analytics Mastery Course?

Here's the course syllabus/video list for this course:

SECTION 1: Beginner Google Analytics

  • Introduction to Beginner Google Analytics
  • Web Analytics Technology
  • Web Analytics Glossary
  • Setting Expectations with Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Fundamentals
  • What can you do with Google Analytics?
  • Your Google Analytics Account
  • Navigating the Google Analytics Interface
  • Learning from the Audience Reports
  • Getting Comfortable with Acquisition Reports
  • Behavior Reports
  • Conversion Reports
  • The Admin Section of Google Analytics
  • Beginner Google Analytics Quiz
  • Concluding Beginner Google Analytics

SECTION 2: Intermediate Google Analytics

  • Introduction to Intermediate Google Analytics
  • Analytics vs. Reporting
  • Getting Clean Data
  • Advanced Segments
  • Understanding Your Users
  • Google Ads and Campaign Reports
  • SEO Reports
  • Social Media Reports
  • Content Engagement
  • Tracking Conversions Through Goals and Ecommerce
  • Sharing Google Analytics with Your Organization
  • Intermediate Google Analytics Quiz
  • Concluding Intermediate Google Analytics

SECTION 3: Advanced Google Analytics

  • Introduction to Advanced Google Analytics
  • Device vs User Centered Analytics
  • How Data Collection Works
  • Google Analytics Tracking Code
  • Account Administration
  • Custom Dimensions and Metrics
  • Advanced Content Measurement
  • Advanced Conversion Reports
  • Getting Your Data Into Google Analytics
  • Extracting Data
  • Passing the Google Analytics Certification Exam
  • Advanced Google Analytics Quiz
  • Concluding Advanced Google Analytics

SECTION 4: Deep Dive: Audience Reports

  • How do Sessions Affect your Website's Data?

SECTION 5: Deep Dive: Acquisition Reports

  • How to Setup Google Analytics Offline Tracking
  • How to Create a Custom Channel Grouping in Google Analytics

SECTION 6: Deep Dive: Content Reports

  • How To Measure Your Content Using Page Value - Not Bounce Rate!

SECTION 7: Deep Dive: Conversions

  • Conversion Tracking and Retroactive Goals
  • How Do You Choose Goal Values?
  • How to Track File Downloads

SECTION 8: Deep Dive: Account Administration

  • Everything you need to know about Google Analytics permissions
  • How to Identify and Remove Bot Traffic
  • How To Set Up Cross Device Tracking
  • How to Set Up Cross-Domain Tracking

SECTION 9: Advanced Reporting Techniques

  • Google Analytics SEO Dashboard
  • Google Analytics SEO Dashboard in Google Data Studio
  • Custom Reports for E-commerce
  • How to Create Custom Reports Using the Google Analytics API
  • Competitive Analysis and Budgeting

SECTION 10: Google Analytics Consulting

  • How to get started as a Web Analytics Consultant
  • How to Become a Google Analytics Freelancer

SECTION 11: Google Tag Manager Tutorial

  • Do You Need Tag Management?
  • How GTM Works
  • Tag Migration
  • The Value Proposition of GTM
  • Four Beginner GTM Mistakes to Avoid

SECTION 12: GDPR and Google Analytics

  • How to Prepare Your Google Analytics Account for GDPR
  • Data Retention Settings and Advanced Segments
  • Do You Need Cookie Consent?
  • IP Addresses and Personal Data in GA
  • Google Analytics Spring Cleaning
  • Cookie Consent Banners
  • What is the role of IP tracking in Google Analytics?

SECTION 13: Guest Lectures and Webinars

  • Guest Lecture: Talia Wolf on Doubling Conversions Using Emotion
  • Guest Lecture: Jesse Pärnänen on Business Development Strategies for B2B Businesses
  • Guest Lecture: Charles Farina on What’s New in Google Analytics
  • Guest Lecture: Mike Sullivan on Automating Dashboards with Excel
  • Guest Lecture: Lea Pica on Getting Back to Data Visualization Basics
  • Google Performance Summit Announcements (2016)

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