What's inside the Project Apollo Accelerator Program?

Finances 1: Your Moonshot Goal

  • Revenue and Expense Planning
  • Scenario: $200k to $1 Million
  • Accountability Assignment 1: Define Your Moonshot

Positioning 1: Your Growth Scorecard

  • Growth Scorecard Criteria
  • Accountability Assignment 2: Fill Out Your Own Scorecard

Positioning 2: Your Best Services

  • Your Money Makers
  • Keeping and Combining Services
  • Simply the Best (Services)
  • Accountability Assignment 3: Determine Your Best Services

Positioning 3: Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

  • Research Your Competition
  • Build Your Ideal Client Profile
  • Understand Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)
  • Crafting Your Elevator Pitches
  • Accountability Assignment 4: Put Your Elevator Pitch to the Test

Positioning 4: Your Target Customer Archetype

  • Target Customer Demographics
  • Target Customer Empathy Map
  • Accountability Assignment 5: Complete Your Target Customer Archetype

Positioning 5: Your Best Solution

  • Why Stories are more Compelling Than Facts
  • Storytelling Framework
  • Formats for Solution Delivery
  • Accountability Assignment 6: Develop Your Story Outline & Set a Due Date

Lead Gen 1: Picking the Low Hanging Fruit with Your Solution

  •  Picking the Low Hanging Fruit with Your Solution

Lead Gen 2: Your Digital Media Plan

  • Considering Paid Ads Networks for Promoting Services
  • Budget and Results Calculator
  • Paid Ads playbook: Low Hanging Fruit
  • Accountability Assignment 8: Your Digital Media Plan

Lead Gen 3: Your Lead Capture and Nurturing Strategy

  • Assets Worthy of an Email Address
  • Lead Capture Landing Pages
  • Your Basic Lead Nurture Sequence
  • Accountability Assignment 9: Develop Your Asset, Capture & Nurture Sequence

Sales 1: Your Lead Qualification Process

  • Rapid Pre-Qualification
  • To Talk or Not to Talk
  • Your Sales Tech Stack
  • Rounding Out Your Sales Tech Stack
  • Accountability Assignment 10: Build Your Qualification Process

Sales 2: Your Can't Miss Offer

  • The Lay of the Land
  • Discovery and Presenting Findings
  • Accountability Assignment 11: Develop Your 1 Hour Free Discovery Process

Sales 3: Pitching, Estimating and Closing

  • Your Pitch Deck
  • Your Rate Card and Estimate Builder
  • Delivering Your Proposal
  • Negotiating and Getting Signed Contracts
  • Accountability Assignment 12: Your Pitch Deck and Rate Card

Finances 2: Your Moonshot Revisited

  • Your Moonshot Revisited

Submit your application to join Project Apollo at https://my.datadrivenu.com/offers/apollo/

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