Do your Google Skill Courses teach the skills needed to start a business as a web consultant?

Getting certified is a step to becoming a consultant, but nothing beats experience. 

What many of my students do is learn the fundamentals by taking the Data Driven courses, then get experience helping local businesses, family members, non-profits, religious organizations, etc. with their websites - installing analytics, running Google Ads, etc. and then begin to take on bigger projects until they become confident as a consultant.

Or they leverage their Google certification to employment with a company that wants the raw skills and has clients to serve, and turn that experience into the skills needed for consulting.

Taking the Data Driven courses is the first of many steps, but I find it to be an important step. It won't make you immediately qualified to consult, but it definitely pushes you in the right direction.

I also have a program specifically geared toward becoming a consultant/agency, which can help you craft your services once you become certified. But again, my programs do not give you the hands-on experience that you need to really make it as a consultant.

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