As the type of student that purchases online courses with good intentions, but then puts them aside with plans to return to them at a later time, how do I make the shift to action, completion, and results?

If you want to complete courses, what you need to do is commit to finishing programs that help you better reach your goals. 

Have you ever thought in terms of one big goal and working backward? This allows you to filter out opportunities that don't bring you close to achieving your goals.

Here's an example, my BHAG with Data Driven. I want us to reach 1 Million students. We are about 1.5% of the way there right now.

If I want to reach this goal, I have to get to work. Even if not everything is perfect, taking action is often better than analysis paralysis. Taking action has been a great way to get traction with my business, but also creates new challenges.

For every action, there is an equal an opposite reaction. But if you just sit on the sidelines, hoping that each new course will be the "big thing" then you'll never gain traction in doing one thing well.

If you try to chase after each new technique, technology or tactic, you'll never reach your big hairy audacious goal.

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