In Google Ads, why does Google have so many bidding strategies? Are they just to confuse & increase our ad spend?

We agree that Google has many bid strategies, and they can be confusing, conflicting, and often cringe-worthy. The reason why Google does it? I'm guessing they have separate teams working on separate customer segments with genuine intent to help, then folded it all into the product because legacy customers would lose their minds if their particular strategy were eliminated. 

Generally speaking, just because something is "there" in Google ads doesn't make it useful or necessary to use.

We recommend thoroughly researching potential bid strategies and matching them against the outcomes you expect to receive from your campaigns. Apply those that have the most promise.

If you're a student of our Google Ads Mastery Course (previously called PPC Course) and have a specific question about a bid strategy, be sure to ask our Facebook community.

Learn more about Google Ads bidding strategies in the Google Ads (PPC Course) lesson PPC Strategies.

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